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Post by brianne8202 » Fri Oct 01, 2021 2:06 am


I have some questions and I hope someone sees this. It seems like there are not a lot of active members, I was hoping there would be more people. But I guess once the anxiety is healed there is no need to stick around so I guess that is a good sign! :D

I have seen posts that mention a chat that sometimes takes place. Does that still happen and where? Is there a chat room in here somewhere or is it just referring to the little moving chat thing at the top of the main page?

In the phone app, in Session 2, under "Put it in Practice" it says - "Listen to your audio session at least three times this week. Watch session 2 of the Coaching Video. Listen to your Relaxation Session three times daily." I found the relaxation session in the Feel Better area, and I found the audio session, but where do I go to find the coaching video? I can't find that one.

Thank you

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