Anyone there??

For discussion of Chronic Diseases such as Obesity, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc.
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Anyone there??

Post by Kucek » Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:33 pm

I posted below a few months ago. I know it's an older post, I was hoping to get a few replies from people not only fighting panic, agoraphobia, anxiety,and depression, but also everyday brutal chronic pain? The two together..Physical/ Emotional is almost too much too major teeth and mouth problems, I cannot remember a time when I was without pain and suffering. I just want to crawl in bed, my only reprieve.

My son and husband have bronchitis, hoping and praying I escape that, my body probably cannot take another hard hit. I know a lot of you wonderful members are Christian, as I am too, I have been praying, for a least "partial" healing. Another words, a reduction of the pain and symptoms. My friend told me you do NOT "barter" or "bargain" with GOD...which is not my intent, of course at all, is it wrong to ask for reduction, just to be able too function, I cannot even take a nice hot bubble bath anymore, go for a swim, shop, etc...things people do everyday. I believe in prayer, through its been awhile. I don't want to bother or beg our Lord. I do need help.

The holidays are approaching, and I SO much want to have at least a tolerable one. Last year I could not even celebrate hardly or eat...I had emergency oral extractions first week of December, could not eat and constant pain before...I never wanted too ruin my child's Thanksgiving or Christmas! So hoping and praying different this year.

Is it too late for me. I am 57 years old. It's effected my marriage badly and relationships. I am very isolated. If anyone can identify with what I am going thru please let me know. Thank you, and if you pray for me, so I do not die and leave my son. Thank you all for listening, sorry so long or depressing. God bless you all. Thank you.

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