First Day on the Program

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First Day on the Program

Post by Greg1426 » Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:58 am

Hi , my name is Greg.
I have done Day 1 of the Program and just wanted to introduce myself. I am from Melbourne Australia and 59 years old, I have suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, self doubt, self conscience and it goes on and on for probably 50 years. I have really associated all that has been talked about by Lucinda Bassett regarding the worry and negative thoughts and it is encouraging that even after all these years that there may be help and that this Program could work. I have dealt with my problems through my adult life with alcohol, there has been no social situation that I would not use alcohol to excess to try and deal with my shyness and anxiety with me thinking that everyone is looking at me and just waiting for me to embarrass myself, sad really. These problems stop me from feeling comfortable in social situations therefore I drink. I want to stop using alcohol and just be myself, unfortunately the anxiety has ruled my life to date and I am really excited and live in hope that this program could be the answer. Looking forward to getting the help that I need to improve my confidence around people, if there is anything you can comment on to help please do, cheers Greg

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Re: First Day on the Program

Post by curtis123 » Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:53 pm

Hey Greg.. Been to Australia and let me start by saying that you live in the most amazing country and i had the time of my life back in2000 when I traveled across the country for almost a year. That same year i faces my very first panis attack when I was in Bankok. As I listened to these tapes I realize that there is so much of a connection with what is said on the CD's and also what is spoken in the group settings. I am on week three and although I'm still struggling with Anxiety I do believe that if other people can be recovered than so can guys like you and me..Like you I have also used alcohol to deal with problems the majority of my adult life and even before that when I was a teen. Pay attention to what Ken says on the CDs He reminds me of my condition almost to a tee. Its hars to get your head wrapped around how this program works but I bet you will really relate to session 2 & 3. Session 3 is the base of how these conditions grow and if you can teach yourself to speak to yourself differenty you will begin to feel better But it is hard and it does take a shit load of practice. Keep up the good work and keep me posted on your success. One thing that I have found hard is to keep on track..Make sure to push your self , and one thing I have found really helpfull is to start a regular exercise program.. I start each morning by walking my dogs for 15 min before I start work and that seems to put me in a possitive mood to start the day. My Name is Curtis I'm 31 and been dealing with this problem as long as I can remember...Keep in touch.

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