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You can get EXACTLY what you want out of most any situation if you only think before you react. After building these skills, your anger will work FOR you instead of against you.
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Coaching Comments

Post by coachchris » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:16 am

Seems as though I have been talking a lot about anger lately. Here are some good journaling prompts to help us process through resolving and/or dissolving this emotionally charged experience. It's a tough one. Hang in there and keep practicing!!! You ARE changing:)

What is the price of anger?
Do we want to pay it?
Is it worth what you will pay?
What do you want to control in the situation and WHY do you want to control it?
Will you remember this next week/month/year?
Why bother?
How will this look when I am calmer and rested?

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