Help on downshifting

These 6 simple steps are designed to dramatically change the life of anyone who suffers from the debilitating effects of anxiety and panic attacks.
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Help on downshifting

Post by Shakoror » Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:00 am

In lesson 2 action assignment it advises people to down shift in all way. I believe that I am one of those who has to do the opposite, so I a have been picking up the pace in all that I do( thinking, talking ...) I have had some success. My problem lies in when i listen to my relaxation tape and some of the exercises involves going slow (slowing move your head in a circular fashion or slowly breathe while relaxing. Do I maintain a slow pace while listening to my relaxation tape or do I continue my speeding up everything including exercises on the relaxation tape? i know this maybe over analyzing but for the first time in awhile I have started to get these skills to work for me since I have started doing the opposite of downsizing and i do not want to mess up any progress I have made.

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Re: Help on downshifting

Post by coachchris » Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:18 pm

Hi Shak,

This is Coach Chris from the coaching team here at Stress. Thank you for your post and reaching out. It's great to hear you are having success with your program. I know what you mean by getting into action and picking up the pace. Many of us have a hard time 'shifting' into a different gear. We are challenged to build 'emotional muscle' so that we can 'shift' when we need too. I always had a hard time getting going and then I would have a hard time slowing down. It took discipline and practice to get better at that.

In regards to the relaxation cd I still thinks it good to keep that at a nice calm pace.
Hope this helps.
Coach Chris

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