Anxiety after months free

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Re: Anxiety after months free

Post by johnnyG » Sun May 15, 2011 9:30 pm

Been there, still there. I find that meditation seems to help, also Tai Chi. LOTS of differnet styles, info etc
is on Youtube. I download many self help tapes, classes, etc and listen on my MP3 player. Focus on your breath,
whenever you catch yourself losing your focus on calm, slow breathing, just go back to your breath and refocus.
Focusing on your breath and observing your thoughts is meditation.
God Bless

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Re: Anxiety after months free

Post by Paisleegreen » Mon May 16, 2011 6:45 pm

Thanks for Posting Johnny G! Paislee :mrgreen:

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Re: Anxiety after months free

Post by keepsmilin » Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:28 pm

I know I probably won't get responses...for these comments are so old...and I am here in 2012...BUT...I will write anyways...

I feel at this point, I am more in tune with all of my symptoms and sensations in the body. I feel also, that some of my anxiety is back because I consumed a litte too much alcohol for a social event the other weekend (and i like never my body took it as a shock). Mainly, I think knowing that I am DONE this program soon, makes me anxious because I am out there on my own with all these new skills. BUT, I KNOW I can keep this program for the rest of my life! :) I can practise these skills every day..I can read positive The funny movies...I can do some of the "Put To Practise" from this program..order Lucinda's books or some other informative books......NOW I KNOW WHAT TO DO!!'s ok. But these could be reasons why I am feeling anxious at this point...which is DAY 3 Session 14. Thought I'd share and get it out and put it out there.

It's all good.

PS: Is anybody out there? :)


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Re: Anxiety after months free

Post by icesaga » Mon Jun 29, 2015 10:33 am

Oh man! this is me. Typing on phone now so thoughts nay not be complete. In the past 14 yrs, I've recovered I don't know how many times from anxiety. But stressful events always bring me back.

First, I start Lucinda's program. Learn/relearn how to cope with panic attacks. Then slowly start exercising. I practice replacing positive with negative thoughts. The exercising isn't always easy as it can cause anxiety. That's why I start slowly. I get my diet under control. And probably most important I actively practice the relaxation tape. At about Lesson 4 or 5, I typically start to feel better. That's about the farthest I've ever made it through the program. Shame on me I suppose.

Anyhow, as I feel better, if life doesn't bring me stressful events, I tend to seek out those challenges myself. Meaning take on more at work or some other burden of helping out a friend or family member.

These past few years however, in addition to work stresses, life really has dealt me some tough challenges. First, my close uncle gets cancer. I take on the role of caretaker and he eventually passes on. That was a while ago and although hard on me, I recover and even start up Jiu Jitsu again. Then I get pneumonia and end up with a persistent cough that I am slowly recovering from. Due to slight asthma recovery was tough. Then, recently I discover my oldest daughter is using drugs. Also, my mom in recent years has turned to alcoholism. And recently has been asking for help.

As you can probably understand these life stresses have made anxiety and recovery challenging for me.

I know I can recover, because I've done it before. But I have to be honest in saying that the negative thought of "When does it become too much?" does plague me at times. Struggling with optimism and panic I suppose right now. I've been working on the relaxation tape. But I know I should probably start the program again too.

Anyhow, that's a bit of my story. Encouraging replies are very welcome. God bless!

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