I didn't run from my panic attack

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I didn't run from my panic attack

Post by S3anne » Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:46 pm

I'm about half-way through the program still, but want to share that it helped me today. I was at the park with my son's teacher when 2 women came with their kids that knew her and the teacher wanted to introduce me. I get extreme anxiety/panic over anything social like this where I feel "trapped" or obligated to talk to someone. I was incredibly uncomfortable and soon felt the panic come on... I get emotional when I panic; usually just get overwhelmed, upset, and then cry. I did step away awhile to mentally talk myself through a few tears, but just stayed positive and refused to pack my son up & leave during the panic attack (my old response). I STAYED! I did it! The hardest part was that it wasn't a planned gathering, so I was thrown off by the surprise of the situation, but I told myself that it's a part of life & everything can't be planned out in advance...Anyway, I let the feelings pass & I did still feel upset for awhile after, but I'm trying to see the positive fact that I stayed and did not leave during the height of the panic!

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Re: I didn't run from my panic attack

Post by coachchris » Thu Mar 13, 2014 2:58 pm

Wonderful! You did it :))) I love the compassion you had toward yourself and how you floated through the adrenalin. I also love how you understand that breaking old habits take time and practice. Celebrate every little victory. You're on your way!
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