6 years after OVERCOMING anxiety/ depression...

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6 years after OVERCOMING anxiety/ depression...

Post by CortneyFL » Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:31 pm

Hi Everyone!

I am back here at the forums in order to support my youngest sister (23) who is now going through her own anxiety and depression issues. What a blessing to be here to help support her through the program, having gone through it myself!

6 years ago (coincidentally when I was 23 also) I went through complete consumption from anxiety and depression. I am writing this to be of some inspiration to her and those of you who still have doubt about this program. Since she started the program she keeps telling me that "I know it worked for you, but I think my situation is so much more complicated." I keep telling her...TRUST ME. It WILL work...but you have to be 1,000% dedicated and be willing to change. Treat it like a college course...devote at least 30 minutes each day to it, longer on days where you listen to the CD for the first time. Write all over the workbook, take notes, and answer honestly to what you feel.

Before I started the program in 2006, I had nightly panic attacks and then went through the day exhausted, jumpy, panicky, cranky, and incredibly INCREDIBLY sad. I lost my appetite, couldn't sleep for days at a time, and felt in a state of disillusion all day. I felt like I was a big fake to everyone. My "What If" thinking was constant and created a state of worry 24 hours a day. The "SHOULDS" made it worse..."I should be happy." "I shouldn't be this way." "I should be able to handle this..." "I should be having fun."

I just couldn't figure out what was wrong with me! I didn't want to live in the mental state I was in, but I didn't want to die either. I tried several medications, psychotherapy, and read all kinds of books. Nothing worked until I started the Combatting Stress and Depression Program program.

I haven't logged in to the forums in about 4 years, but I did find an old post I wrote on my 1 year anniversary of starting the program. I copied and pasted it below this email to give you an idea of what I accomplished because of the program. The person I talk about falling in love with is now my husband of 4 years. 2 months after our wedding I found out I had cancer (talk about anxiety provoking stuff!) I handled the diagnosis well, never lost a night of sleep or had a panic attack, and have been in remission for a few years now. Anxiety was never an issue throughout the entire cancer-fighting process. We now have a daughter and I find myself teaching the skills to her.

The skills that are taught in the program are habits now that I use everyday, even 6 years later. They are PRICELESS! I feel wise, centered, and calm. I offer advice to other people who struggle with stress, overreacting, and anxiety. It feels good to be "on the other side" of my anxiety and to be able to share my testimony with others!


MY 2007 POST on my 1 year anniversary of starting the program:

Hi All!

I promised myself I would write a "triumph story" after I recovered from anxiety and almost forgot. I received my Attacking Anxiety program the day after Christmas, 2006. I continue to tell people about my past "anxiety problems" and Lucinda's program. I tell them of how "I used to be" and how much I've changed. I've done so much since December 26th of last year.

I started small...did my relaxation exercises every night, and listened to my CDs in the car on the way to work EVERY DAY FOR 5 months. I did my workbook like a college course I HAD to get an "A" in. Gradually I began to feel less anxious. Man, it was a fight. I came up with so many reasons of why I'd never be "normal" again, but here I am now feeling better than "normal!"

It took time...I have little "anxious" episodes still, but I'm strong, and I know I am capable, and I'm compassionate with myself. The best thing is now I know "IT'S JUST ANXIETY"...no biggie. And it's NOTHING like my general anxiety I had before.

If you are reading this still analyzing the program and doubting it will work, use my testimony as a trusting example. It was the best $400.00 I've spent in my life. I feel I am a healthy thinker now. I'm less critical of myself and other people. I am less cynical and more trusting of others. I am realistic in my expectations. But most of all...I am all these things MOST OF THE TIME. I realize I will not behave or think perfectly all the time and that is ok.

Since mid-way through the program I have driven 10 hours to a new city (Week 6,) quit my job (Week 8,) found a new one by taking a BIG chance (Week 10,) moved to a new state, in a big city with lots of traffic (Atlanta...right!) I've fallen in love, and have given God a chance, too. He proved to me that if you ask...He will answer in His unique way. It will probably not be in a way that you expect...he's cool like that. He answered me through Lucinda, and I wasn't surprised to hear in Week 12 that she was inspired by Him.

Living the life you want to live is totally possible. I feel now that the majority of my friends and family could benefit from the skills Lucinda teaches. They're not just exclusive to people who have anxiety.

Best wishes to everyone,


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Re: 6 years after OVERCOMING anxiety/ depression...

Post by DolphinG » Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:52 am

good for you i am verry proud on your acomplishments,Your sister will be another one that will get there with patience.
even though I still have my bad days i am learning how to deal with them I know that one day those anxiety and nervesnouse epissodes that i get will disappear.
God Bless you

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Re: 6 years after OVERCOMING anxiety/ depression...

Post by meluv3 » Sat Jul 21, 2012 8:58 pm

Thank you so much for this!!! What an encouraging post to read! And that you can help others now and encourage them in their own journey is an amazing gift! =) God bless!

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