Flutter/Weakness Sensation - IBS or something else?

Suffering from IBS? Post your history, experience, comments and/or suggestions
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Flutter/Weakness Sensation - IBS or something else?

Post by ab220 » Wed Oct 14, 2020 3:25 pm

So, I put this under "Irritable Bowel Syndrome", but I'm not sure it fits here (though I certainly have that!).

There's this sensation I have sometime where I have a fluttering feeling in my upper abdomen that "takes my breath away" and makes me feel weak for a little bit (like 3 - 6 seconds), and then my heart rate increases for a time.

I've been dealing with it for a while - since February - and I'm just now getting the hang of describing what it's like. I'll often have a mini version of it that is followed by stomach gurgling and gas (though that's a very normal experience anyway). Sometimes, after a bigger one, I'll have the inevitable panic attack, and then will be dealing with the symptoms of that, which I recognize is another thing altogether.

Because of the location, the "takes my breath away" sensation, and weak feeling aspect of it, I worry (of course) about something heart-related. I started a relationship with a cardiologist earlier this year, and they did discover a moderate aortic valve leak which they are planning to watch with once-a-year echocardiograms. I've also had a two week heart monitor where nothing particularly worrying was found. The doctor doesn't seem to connect this feeling/sensation to the valve leak, but he is the sort of doctor that, now that he knows I have an anxiety disorder, seems to attribute almost everything to that!

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is it just likely to be an IBS manifestation, or something else that I haven't thought of (and of course I get a busy mind with things like this!)?

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Re: Flutter/Weakness Sensation - IBS or something else?

Post by jbdailey26 » Thu Oct 15, 2020 12:52 pm

Does sound like an anxiety/panic attack. I used to get those feelings when I hadn't slept in a few days and then had to
go into a meeting a work knowing I was expected to make a presentation. It seemed the less sleep I got the worse I'd get.
I'm not a doctor so I can't suggest any physical reason. But it sounds very similar to how stress/anxiety has affected me for many years.

You didn't mention any stress in your life. Could this be contributing?
Take care

Brian Dailey

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Re: Flutter/Weakness Sensation - IBS or something else?

Post by ab220 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 1:44 pm

I mean, I wouldn't rule it out! This year, in addition to the anxiety flare up, has involved:
-family/business problems (where I had to discipline a close family member at work for a serious breach of rules)
-COVID responses with a kid
-writing my first book chapter in the spring
-learning I'm getting my tonsils removed (as an adult) later this year
-the heart valve thing
-a new job in August

It's been a year...LOL

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