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1. There are no right or wrong answers – just answer honestly to get the best results.
2. Complete the test by answering all 25 questions. When you are done, click on “Get My Evaluation” to see your full evaluation.
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Read the following statements and score them from 1-5 with 1 being Never and 5 being Always.

I expect others to treat me with respect.





I get anxious in shopping malls or stores.





I get anxious eating or writing in front of others.





I worry about losing control of myself or my life.





I am not excited about things the way I used to be.





I worry that I will embarrass myself or lose control in front of others.





I don't have any energy.





If I want something done right, I feel I have to do it myself.





I feel angry for no apparent reason.





I anticipate the worst-case scenario.





I worry about doing certain things days before I actually do them.





Things seem like just too much effort.





I take my anger out on others.





I feel lonely.





I feel better if I drink alcohol in a social situation.





I have a hard time confronting others.





I take things very personally.





I worry about what others think of me.





I can be cynical or critical of others and myself.





I feel like I want to sleep all the time.





I worry about irrational things happening to others or myself.





I worry about getting sick or having stomach and bowel problems in public.





I react intensely in emotional situations.





I don't feel comfortable in high places or places where I can't come and go as I please.





I worry about my health (disease, heart problems, cancer).